Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I promise I haven't disappeared...

Hello friends! I know, I know, you're probably thinking  "where in the heck has this girl been!". I'm not going to make excuses, except to say that life got in the way and blogging wasn't as important over the past week or so. Good news is I haven't disappeared. Just took a short break. Not all by choice. We moved last weekend. We didn't have internet for a few days and were unpacking on top of it. Enough said.

The move went pretty well, but I must say we were disappointed with the new rental we're living in. I'm one of those people that expect to get my money's worth. I paid a hefty deposit and first month's rent to move into a place that was not clean and had a jungle of a backyard. Disgust doesn't describe how I felt that first day. The house is cute. Really cute. Which is probably why I was so bummed. It has great potential. Even though it's much smaller than we would have liked, it's going to work just fine for us. But, when your kids can't even walk through the backyard for fear of what might be hiding in the treacherous weed overgrowth, that's sad. Needless to say, I wrote the landlord an email explaining my feelings and demanded discounted rent next month. It was necessary. My husband and brother-in-law (Kara's hubster) spent hours mowing and cleaning up that yard and it still looks bad. Hopefully we will have it under control soon. Everything is pretty much unpacked now and the last project to tackle is the garage. After we remove the piles of empty boxes. I hate that part. I will try to share a few pics of the house over the next few days.

The hubby starts his job in about a week and a half. We drove over on Monday afternoon and the building is huge! And pretty close to our house. He is really excited and I'm super excited for him. I'm already back to work and working remotely has it's challenges to say the least. Once we are in a routine it will be smooth sailing, but at the moment I'm struggling a little. I'm used to working alone but not from home. I will adjust. Finding daycare is another battle. We have been searching. And searching. And haven't found anything yet. We don't have much time left and I'm getting nervous. We are really picky when it comes to who will care for our children. Who isn't? We aren't huge on home daycare. I prefer preschool facilities and a structured environment. I'm just praying we find something we feel really good about soon. Otherwise who knows what we will do. Sometimes I wish I could just keep them home with me.

M had Kindergarten Orientation yesterday afternoon. Kindergarten! Seriously?! I can't believe my little girl starts big girl school in September! It really is amazing how fast the time flies. I have no doubt she will love it and do so well. She is a pretty smart cookie. :)

That's what's been up with me. What have you been up to?

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gammayaya said...

so glad you guys are getting settled. Nice to have you so close.