Monday, May 14, 2012

Target Discount. Say Whaaaat?!?!

Who doesn't love Target? If you don't, you're insane. I mean, they have great prices, cute clothes, and perfect items for your home. It's one of my favorite stores. Target and Kohl's are always at the top of my list. Well, today is officially J's first day at the new job. He was so ready to get back to work. I don't think I've mentioned this before but he is working for none other than.....TARGET! He is a manager for the Distribution Center out here and it's a really great job. I am beyond proud of him.

Of course working for any large corporation has major perks and Target is no different. Tons of opportunity for growth, great benefits, and a discount at Target stores (of course this is my favorite part)! I already shop there quite a bit but now it gives me an excuse to be there even more. This could be bad. Very, very bad!

To celebrate his first day on the job, I thought it would be fun to share some of the items I am dying to purchase with said discount. Haha. Not sure if J would agree with some of these or even agree that this constitutes a celebration. But, I do. And it's fun. So here are a few of my favorite items at Target right now.
Sanford Headboard

I am in desperate need of a new dining table. Ok, maybe not desperate but when we have company we don't have anywhere for people to sit at our table. It's time for something larger. I would also LOVE to have a metal headboard in my room. It feels like it would complete my decor in there. Not that it's anything fancy but it suits us. Lastly, what woman doesn't want a new fun top, cute open-toed booties and a new bag for the summer?! I know I do! I especially love the bag. It screams summer to me.

This is what I am loving at Target right now......What about you? 

Happy Monday! 

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gammayaya said...

OMG! love the tables & those shoes... gotta have..:>)