Friday, June 29, 2012

29 on the 29th!

Yep, I turned 29 today! Happy Birthday to me! M asked me if it was my "dirty 30" this morning.....thank you Auntie Kara for teaching her that one. Ha.

It will be more like a birthday weekend because we aren't doing much celebrating today due to J's crazy work schedule. But, I did wake up to this on my kitchen table this morning!

Some of my favorite things.......a Kohl's gift card (which I plan to use for new running shoes), Twizzlers (I really prefer Red Vines but this will do), a Bonzai Tree (I am starting to love having plants around), and a really pretty wall hanging that I already hung in my living room. He is soooo sweet! My kids sung Happy Birthday to me while eating breakfast before work. I feel pretty lucky.

It's been a quiet day, especially because I work remotely from home. But tomorrow we plan to venture over to Corvallis for a nice dinner with friends and some ice cream. Then a BBQ at my mom's on sunday with more ice cream (ice cream cake to be exact). Sounds like fun if you ask me!

Have a fabulous weekend!


Casey said...

Happy birthday! What a fun treat you woke up to!

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday!