Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dear Mother Nature

Hey Mother Nature. Ashley here. You and I need to have a little chat. See this white stuff outside my window at work? SO not a fan right now. Most of the time I'm pretty satisfied with your work, but right now? Not so much. It's late March for crying out loud and it's supposed to be Spring! I hear that Chicago, Michigan, and all the East Coast states are livin' it up and enjoying 70's and 80's....WTF? Can't you give Oregon a break? Winter needs to be over. As in yesterday. I'm over it.

Please do something about this so I can enjoy the great outdoors with my family. Ok? I sure hope you're listening Mother Nature because if this weather doesn't change ASAP you will deal with the wrath of Ashley. And you might get a swift kick in the rear too! Ya hear?!


1 comment:

gammayaya said...

You go girl! I'm with ya. I was just told about a lamp called Suntouch Plus. I just might have to purchase it to change my moods... I need some sunshine..PLEEEEASE!