Tuesday, March 13, 2012

So Blessed...

Yesterday was one of those days where all I wanted to do was sit on the couch and do nothing but watch TV and not think about anything. Unfortunately, work got in the way of that thought....darn it! My mind was full of worries and thoughts that were bogging me down. Sometimes I feel like I would give anything to clear my head and not think about anything, remove all distractions and focus only on the important things in life. Thankfully, my kids make me realize on a daily basis that I think too much and that they are more important than any worry in the world. When I get home from work and am greeted by my two smiling rugrats wild and crazy munchkins, my day matters so much more that wanting to sit on my couch and wallow in my life full of stress. They melt my heart. Every day. In every way. They are my little blessings and I couldn't ask for anything better.

My point behind all this? That I am BLESSED beyond words. This is something I have to remind myself daily because life can get so overwhelming that you start to forget how many blessings you really do have. I am the #1 culprit. And I need to be more thankful to GOD for giving me what I have.

Another one of those God-given blessings is my love of Photography. I have mentioned before that I have a passion for Photography. That passion stemmed from my love of storytelling, of wanting to capture memories and be able to re-tell them through photos. As much and I love taking photos, lately I haven't been taking enough of them around my house. M turned 5 on Christmas Eve and I still hadn't taken her yearly pics (that is until last weekend)! I know, shame on me. I did the same thing last year. Being a Christmas Eve baby can make it more difficult. I usually aim for January so that the holidays are over but then the weather tends to rear it's ugly head and I end up waiting until early spring. But, luckily the weather permitted last weekend and we got outside for a photo opp. I feel pretty happy with the results. I wanted to share just a couple with you lovely readers :) I am in no way what I would consider a professional at this point. It's something I have thrown around for awhile and toyed with the idea of aiming for that, but I am really not sure yet. As of right now I love taking photos and creating something I can cherish. Maybe someday it will turn into something more but for now "it is what it is." I think this is my life motto. I say it all the time.

M is quite the diva! She loves everything girly (dresses, sparkles, jewelry, you name it). She is so dramatic and loves to be my little model. And I devour every bit of it....she is too much fun!





I had to snap a couple of both kiddos while I was at it :) Can't resist that sibling love (although right now they are in that stage where they scream at each other and fight about every tiny, miniscule thing that it makes me want to run far away and hide in a corner on some occasions. Haha!). They really are the best part of me.



So, what do you think??? Are they the cutest or what?



Shell said...

So cute!

gammayaya said...

The cutest ever! great shots...

Ashley V. said...

Thank you both so much :)

MaritNicole said...