Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Me and Mine

Before I dive into the super fun parts of blogging (sharing recipes, link-ups, etc), I thought it would be fun to tell you all a little more about myself and introduce you to my family. I actually have a crazy big ginormous family and I'm really close to so many of them, but today I will just highlight the immediate family members.

First, meet my gorgeous husband J. He is originally from Michigan and we met in San Diego when he joined the Navy and I was in college. Funny story (that I won't dive into today): we actually were not so fond of each other when we first met! We have been married for almost 7 years and I can't imagine my life with anyone else. We have had our ups and downs like most couples do but we have pulled through them and only grown stronger. He the funniest person I know, a crazy-talented artist and loves playing his guitar. And I can't forget to mention that he adores our children and is an awesome father :)
Digging out of our house in Illinois last winter!
Next up, meet my two kiddos, M and L. M is 5 years old and is our little DIVA! She is the most talkative, energetic and dramatic little girl, but we love every minute of it. She has us laughing all time with her funny faces, silly voices and dance moves (which are awesome!). Of course, she can be quite the handful when dealing with all that drama and sometimes it makes me a bit nutty. But she is my little girl and I wouldn't change her personality for anything. L is such a boy! He will be 3 years old this summer and is our block-building, Buzz Lightyear-loving, little monkey. He is our cuddler....he loves to give hugs and kisses! These two kids are the light of my life.
Now, on to my mom and stepdad. I feel so blessed to be as close as I am to my mom. We talk about anything and everything and are always there to pick each other up when we're down in the dumps. She is so supportive of everything I do and is the best Yaya to her grandkids :) Of course she spoils them like a Yaya is supposed to and they adore her. My mom and stepdad were married a couple years ago in Lake Tahoe (J married them) on a yacht.....awesome, I know! My stepdad and I have a great relationship and I am thankful for him everyday. The two of them are Harley-riding fools :) They're even in a motorcycle club!
My younger sister was already slightly introduced in my first post because she was a big inspiration for this blog. She started blogging early this year and I got hooked and found myself wanting to read her posts first thing each morning! I was going to call her K, but due to the fact that her name is already out there on her fabulous blog I won't be hiding her name. You can get acquainted with Kara here. She is not only my sister, but my best friend. We are about as close as you can get and I love spending time with her. We are so different in so many ways yet we understand each other better than most. She is the toughest, most hard-working, and wittiest person I know and I am so lucky to have her as my sister :)
Kara and I at her bridal shower
My dad, stepmom, and youngest brother live in Arizona. My dad is a firefighter and is probably the most laid-back, stress-free person I know. He is always giving me great advice and guidance, and basically always tells me "stop stressing so much kid!" And he is so right. I have an awesome relationship with my dad and our personalities are so much alike (minus the stress-free part of course). My stepmom is a nurse and she is one of the most kind-hearted people I know. And she is an amazing cook!  My brother, C is in high school (yes, I am 14 years older than him) and he is such a great kid. He loves playing baseball and golfs with my dad too. I miss them all the time but hope that I will get to spend more time with them now that we are living much closer.
The oldest of my brothers (still 9 years younger than me), is K. He is currently enlisted in the Army as an Infantryman and is stationed in Colorado. I have always had a great relationship with K, even after I left for college and we didn't get to see each other too often. I'm thankful that I was able to spend a few days with him last summer. I am so extremely proud of him and what he has accomplished! I know that he will do well in the Army and the experience that he gains will be immeasurable. I miss him all the time and hope he knows that he is always in my heart and prayers.

 So that pretty much sums up my immediate family members for ya'll! Hopefully someday I can introduce more of my family that I love so dearly. I will leave you with one final pic of my little family of 4 :)

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